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About Hollowshot Border Collies
Ontario Border Collie Breeder

Border Collies are known for their superior herding ability and for their intelligence - being able to figure things out for themselves. Its this quality that makes the Border Collie the kind of dog that it is. With the speed and stamina to gather flocks over a radius of several miles, regardless of the terrain, it also has the calmness to bring the flocks quietly home.

The Hollowshot Borders at Ontario Border Collies Breeders are bred from top English and New Zealand/Australian lines. These qualities incorporate the best working and show lines at this Ontario Border Collies Breeder.

hollowshot border collieAll of the Hollowshot Border Collies at this Ontario Border Collie Breeder, work on sheep and in the general running of the farm. Attending breed shows and the training that they receive helps them to easily socialize which puts them in good stead for anything that they do not get in a farm environment. This helps to mature the Border Collies, making it easier for them to accept more serious and demanding training before they are ready to cope with all situations.

Border Collies engaging in fly ball gives the impression of a hyper dog but if properly bred and trained they can be taught to have an "on/off" button!

A working dog spends most of its time quietly with the shepherd watching and helping when needed - not rushing around - although at the command, a good Border Collie will spring into action. If you are considering a border to join your family, visit puppy page and answer the few questions there to see if a border is for you.

Hollowshot Border Collies are bred for their versalitity. They have successfully competed in agility, fly-ball, obediance and herding. They are also in homes as pets.

We need to retain the quality that the shepherds left us with. So, with these goals in mind we select our breeding dogs that work sheep, are capable of winning in the show-ring, and have a sound temperament to live in a family environment.

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