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Tel:  888-638-4379    [toll free]

All breed training

Many people would like to train their dog(s). All breeds are welcome and both you and your dog will be introduced to the pleasure of working your dog on sheep.

You may only want to put your chicken to bed at night or may have just a few sheep to organize. But by working with your dog, you will create a solid partnership.

hollowshot border collie herdingIf you do not own any livestock, it doesn't mean that you cannot participate in this ever growing popular sport.

Training can be booked for you and your dog. Dogs can also be taken in for training independently. They will be assessed after their first week and if the dog has the right aptitude, then a suitable training programme will be discussed with you.

herding cattleYour dog(s) can be trained to herd cattle if requested.

Please phone or email for availability of training and rates.

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