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Sport Dogs

Hollowshot Eddie
owned by Margaret Hastings
Hollowshot Boots Scoot 'n Bogey owned by Wendy Grandman

The name Hollowshot is well know in the sports of Agility, Flyball and Obedience.

A dog that does well in these sports not only should be athletic but also have a good mind. This means he should be smart and also have a good attitude towards work and be sensible and able to turn on and off. When there is a job to do he is attentive and fast , but when required to do nothing will wait quietly for his turn.

If the dog is well construted he will be able to do the job, this is why the conformation of the dog is so important. A good conformation means that there will be no stress points when it comes to jumping and running.

Of course they should also be able to herd and can now participate with the CKC in herding trials. C.K.C. titals for your dog can now be achieved in all these sports.

Fleck was a great once in a lifetime dog. If such a dog comes your way they give you so much . To me he will always have a place in my heart. This was the same for Margaret and Eddie. Great dogs that love and give you there all. Both these dogs will be sadly missed forever.

Hollowshot Fleck

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