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Testimonials & Feedback

Have some feedback or a testimonial on one of the collies you got from us - Email us and we'd be glad to share it with our readers.

Meanwhile, below are few testimonials and comments we've received.

Subject: Herding competitions

Hi Maxine,
Fleck has turned out to be an excellent dog. You missed the boat on this one with regards to his intelligence. He learns and picks up things extremely quickly. Heís more intelligent that Coal was. I would love to train and campaign him in obedience, but thatís not going to happen as I donít want to take away from the relationship Norma and Adam has with him.

Ashley Watkins,

margaret brooks' puppy He is a fabulous dog and we love him very much. We started dog training this week and he is proving to be a very smart boy. He certainly has his own personality, but he is a real member of the family and loves to sit with us in the evenings watching TV and chewing on a bone. He is learning to run beside Andy and I and has had a few introductions to the dog park around the corner. He has certainly grown since leaving you. Below is a picture taken of him just after he arrived. We thought you might like this photo....we love it!
Hope all is well.
Margaret Brooks

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know we are so incredibly in love with Angel. She is such a good girl and smart as all get out.She is loving life on the farm, and already trying out her herding skills on the cows, horses, chickens and cats. We never have her on a leash, she listens well and plays outside all day with us while we work about. People comment all the time about her unique markings and how good she is.
Regards Lisa,
Glenn & Angel

Maxine. She is a LOVELY dog. She herds our children, especially when they are on the swings! She loves to be cuddled and very much enjoys her exercise! She is very easy to train. Maisy also seams to be pretty low key and able to amuse herself when life gets busy. She was the star of puppy class and we are told on a regular basis that she is beautiful. We think so too! I will take some recent pictures to send you. Maisy is quite small but that is nice since she sleeps on our bed at night! So thank you for our wonderful companion.
Jodi McMullen

Cassie at 17 monthsHello maxine...thought you'd like to see this one of Cassie. Hope you are well...Cassie is the most loving and very smart little girl, thank you.
best wishes Julia Julia Manning

Hi Maxine,

We have been meaning to write to you for some time now to tell you how amazing our dogs are. They are three and a half years old, Jesse and Kipp. Their parents were Jim and Bess. We picked them when they were only a week old and we are convinced that we have the smartest most intuitive dogs alive. Having become parents to these beings, we decided that they needed a place to explore outside Toronto. We searched on the internet and found 18 acres near Haliburton where we all thrive. The most profound impact that they have on our lives is that they continually require that we be better human beings. Their ingenuity, determination, love and honesty have us enthralled and amazed on a constant basis. We had three borders prior to these and loved them all but these two are truly special. Thank you thank you thank you.

Colette Whiten and Paul Kipps

clayson border collier puppy
clayson border collie puppy
clayson border collie puppy

Hello there

We wanted to give you our update on the happy life of Sky, our lovely Border Collie.

We got her from your January 1st 2006 litter.

She is very happy, very healthy and very active.

Thanks again.

Tracy and Adam Clayson

Hi Maxine

Yesterday before the parade started, this man came up to me and asked if he could say hi to my BC and we got talking and he has one of your pups, he's now about 2 yrs old and he works with his owner on the apple orchard. The man is totally beyond happy with his BC and there was Wyn , a smart smart BC at one point just layed down by our side as we were talking just calmly waiting for a cue form me to get up and start to move. His dog is the same, smart smart dog but there is a turn "off" button. A lot of people were impressed by her. I was telling this guy about a bc I am babysitting while my client is on vacation and its one of those BC's bred for "work" blah blah blah....well this poor dog spends almost every waking moment looking for shadows to chase, she can't relax and its so sad...and there's my two Hollowshot BC's , both smart, could do any sport and or anything you would want them to do , and yet, they can relax !!!! Thank You Maxine for breeding truly all around BC's , not crazy obsessive BC's.

Hope to talk to you soon.


Hi Maxine,

Coby is one beautiful animal and our lives as we know it would be much different without him!

Almost a year ago now, we came to visit Coby as a puppy with the rest of his litter. It's hard to beleive that the little guy that once resembled a groundhog grew up into this beautiful Border Collie. He is amazingly well behaved and intellegent; not to mention incredibally handsome! He has won a fair share of photo contests with that irresistable face of his! He has just completed his beginner obedience class last month. He graduated top of the class (no surprise there!) And next week he will be taking his CGN test. He is so docile, that the first time we took him to the vets, he almost fell asleep on the table while they were administering his shots. And he is an absolute dream when grooming him. He treats getting his nails clipped as if he were a human getting a manicure!

I went back to your site to check the pictures and found Coby's grandfather Flint, we were amazed by the resemblence Coby shares with him! There are huge plans for Coby this year including Flyball, Agility and Therapy work! He learns so quickly and he's just so happy to perform anything we ask him to do, it is amazing!

I have attatched a few photos, but I will send a few more that are more focused on him (hopefully).

I can't thank you enough for Coby, he is one beautiful animal and our lives as we know it would be much different without him!


Hi Maxine:
I've been wanting to send this e-mail for quite some time. Last November we purchased a border collie pup from you (his father was a working dog from BC). It didn't take long for Diego to win our hearts over and take his place in our family. He has been everything we could have hoped for and more. Although, we got him as a companion for my son Dylan he seems to have developed a special relationship with every member of our family. He intuitively finds a common ground with all and wins their love and his. We wouldn't be a family without him. Besides people commenting that Diego is the most handsome 'border collie' they have ever seen, everyone can't believe how well behaved Diego is and gentle. Like I said he seems to know that with women and small children he can't roughhouse like he can with Dylan or myself. We all wanted to write and say what a joy it has been having Diego in our family and to thank you for the responsible way you breed and screen prospective clients. We would surely like to visit again so that you can meet Diego. We also would like to have the privilege of owning another Hollowshot Border Collie in the future.
Warm Regards,
The Graham's - Tyler, Elaine, Dylan & Sydney

Hello Maxine,
shade on the bruce trail may 31 2005We were fortunate to acquire one of your pups on December 20th, 2004. "Shade" has become an essential member of our family providing us all with love and amusement. Even on the long drive back to Owen Sound he was quiet and alert and seemed content. He has grown from an adorable, chubby bundle of fuzz into a very handsome, well-behaved gentleman. We have been attending classes regularly, starting with socialization then basic good manners. We now go to agility classes on Wednesday evenings and have a great time with the tunnels, jumps, teeter board etc. Our trainer thinks Shade is a remarkable dog and can't believe how calm and attentive he is. I'm sure that she must think that we practise a lot through the week but, the truth is that Shade just seems to know what to do after being shown once. Everywhere we go people comment on how handsome Shade is and what a beautiful shiny coat he has. Our vet was so impressed with him that she asked for his breeder's information and plans to contact you about a pup at some time. We are a sailing family and are thrilled that Shade has adapted to being on the boat quickly. He loves to sit up at the bow sniffing the breeze then finds the most comfy spot and settles in for a long nap, [always wearing a lifejacket of course]. He stole our hearts the moment we first set eyes on him and we can't imagine ever being without him. Thank-you for breeding such an exceptional animal and allowing us to bring him into our home. He is a true gem!
Gordon, Lindsey, Stuart and Fraser Taylor

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